First Post

Well, I’m finally diving into this little forum known as blogging after kicking the idea around for some time.  I have lots of ideas rumbling around in my empty head, some good, some not so good, some completely incoherent. 

 A lot of my focus will be on general news of the day, with a lot of politics, news of the ‘War On Terror’ (I hate that name) and islam, some science thrown in, and whatever catches my fancy at the time.  Being an original ADD boy, before it was so popular, a lot of things catch my fancy…oh look!  Something shiny!

I come from a Conservative, leaning Libertarian point of view.  What by definition is called a ‘classical liberal.  Rights of the individual, constitutional limitations of government, low taxes, state’s rights, property rights, natural law and natural rights. 

Some early founders of the movement were Adam Smith, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Voltaire.  More recently, Frederic Hayek and Milton Friedman. 

I’ve read some wonderful authors on libertarian and conservative thought, as well as on the threat that is modern day islam.  I’ll post a recommended author list, as well as books.  Information is out there for those who wish to find it.

Welcome, to any and all who read my little ramblings, and I hope to get to know you!

 Keith, aka bikermailman


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