Irshad Manji

For those of you who have never heard of Irshad Manji, this woman is a shining example of true courage.  Born and raised a muslim, the woman lived all kinds of pure hell. 

She escaped Idi Amin, made it to Canada, and learned about freedom.  Now, this brave woman is trying to reform islam in books, film, and online.  She does so at her literal peril.  People who stand up and speak the truth about islam receive death threats, are harassed, and are even assassinated.

Irshad has a petition against death threats.  I’m not normally a petition guy.  They don’t do a whole lot.  Especially the internet ones.  This one may very well have long reaching implications for every single person that signs it, especially the direction the world is moving.

Have conviction for universal human rights, conviction against the bullying that goes on when one speaks against islam.  Sign the damn thing, put your name, and where you live.

Stand and deliver.  Stand and be counted.


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