More Americans turning to Web for news

Surprise, surprise…   From the recent hit piece on McCain, to their shilling for Gorebal Warming, leaks of national security, 60 Minutes and all their troubles, including recent ones, the dinosaur media is having troubles.  Readership is down, the online readership isn’t coming up, and shareholders are ticked. 

One little problem that you see common with the legacy media, whether print or broadcast via television.  They. just. don’t. get. it. 

You see television stations and newspapers think they’re ‘getting with the program’, by putting a blog on their website.  They’ve seen the success of blogs, so hey, let’s just put a blog, and we’ll get people to come to our website!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!  They’ve seen the success of talk radio.  ‘And, and, we can stream our audio content, and our video content too!  Yeah, that’s the ticket!’ 

No, MSM, a blog, and streaming content do not bring you into the modern era.  Ditching your agenda driven J-schools, and getting back to the business of reporting will.  Back to the future, if you will. 

There are tons of examples online, and on the radio, of people doing the jobs that the legacy media used to do.  Reporting the news.  We have brave souls like Michael Yon and Michael Totten over in Iraq right now, telling us the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The MSM?  Just the bad facts, ma’am, just the bad ones.  You say that nowadays the bad ones are hard to find?  *crickets*  For the better part of a year now, we’ve heard almost nothing on Iraq from our dear friends in the media.  Why?  Because the news is good, and getting better all the time. 

The MSM doesn’t get it, doesn’t want to, they have a world to change.  Just ask any J-school student.  This is why the NYT is going to continue its downhill slide.  And CBS.  And MSNBC.  And.  And.  And.


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