Paratroopers Fighting in Afghanistan Need to Hear from You!

The NYT has done a hit piece on our brave paratroopers in Afghanastan (I know, it’s a shocka).  Makes them look like a bunch of schlubs, don’t care about all the civvies they kill, the Taliban are the good guys, etc. 

Blackfive has a longer writeup on the matter, but the point of the matter is, our guys over there sure could use an encouraging word from any and all. 

Please send an email of support to

Or you can mail cards to:

    Leta Carruth
    P O Box 100
    Cordova, TN  38088

 Git your butts moving, it only takes a minute.  These guys need our encouragement.  There’s a war going on here at home too, between the people who hate our military, and those of us who love them and support them.  Don’t believe there are people who hate them?  Go to the zombietime photo essay of the Berkley goings on last month, then take some time and gander around the site.  Then tell me these people don’t hate our military, and hate America.

Go on now, git!


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