Waiting to Die

Via Confederate Yankee:

Growing a new culture of victims.

An armed man who burst into a classroom at Elizabeth City State University was role-playing in an emergency response drill, but neither the students nor assistant professor Jingbin Wang knew that.”I was prepared to die at that moment,” Wang said Tuesday.

The Friday drill, in which a mock gunman threatened panicked students in the American foreign policy class with death, prompted university officials to apologize this week to Wang and offer counseling to faculty and students.

Anthony Brown, vice chancellor for student affairs, said the university was testing its response to shootings of the sort that have shaken campuses around the country. “The intent was not to frighten them but to test our system and also to test the response of the security that was on campus and the people that were notified,” Brown said.

The mock assailant—a campus police officer—quickly established control over the classroom, and the students did exactly as he demanded until the drill was over and police rushed in to “subdue” the attacker.

After the ordeal, some students stated that they were prepared to jump out classroom windows. The instructor said he was “prepared to die.”

And yet, even after the recent slaughters at Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois University, none of the students reported that they were preparing to fight for survival, or that they had thoughts of actively defending themselves and their classmates.

Have we completely breed the violence of self-preservation out of this generation?

Not much to say here, but ‘wow’.  Parents, teach your kids to fight back.  Move side to side.  Make themselves difficult targets.  Something.  Anything other than what happened here, or what happened in Illinois recently.  Those kids just sat there like stones, let the freak pick people off, stand there and refrakkinload for crying out loud, while they just sat and waited like sheep to be slaughtered.  Teach your children not to be sheep. 

Have a plan beforehand.  Break windows out and dive.  Throw crap at him.  Has the feminization of society has bred self preservation completely out? 

This is a good opportunity to post the following:


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