Gorebal Warming Freak on Glenn Beck

Wow. Just. Wow.  My guess is, Glenn is going to have something on this later.  I just now heard a caller who claimed he was a professor say that all of Florida is the equivalent of a giant Alka Seltzer tablet, chemically speaking.  With the dreaded Gorebal Whoremongering, The Florida Peninsula is going to literally melt away according to this man.  Wow…  When the science keeps coming in against their position, they just ratchet up the rhetoric.  As Pope AlBore I himself might say, “they plaaaayyyyeedd on our fears!”


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One Response to “Gorebal Warming Freak on Glenn Beck”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I better call my girlfriend in Miami. I don’t think she knows she’s about to cease to exist!! Holy crap!!
    Then again, after the winter here in Boston, I wouldn’t mind “melting away”

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