Libya Blocks UN Condemnation Of Jerusalem Attack

From My Pet Jawa:

Libya Blocks UN Condemnation Of Jerusalem Attack


United Nations

Libya blocked the UN Security Council Thursday from issuing a condemnation of an attack that killed eight Jewish religious students in occupied Jerusalem, arguing that the 15-member body must also condemn Israeli attacks in Gaza, diplomats said. At least four other council members backed the stand taken by Libya, the only Arab member on the council, they said.

Yes, it is always the Joooooos fault for everything. Same rhetoric, another day in the life of the UN. The argument over condemnation became heated between the Israeli Ambassador and Libya’s Reprentative to the UN. It made my day to read this:

In an angry reaction to the council deadlock, Israeli Ambassador to UN Dan Gillerman used strong words against Libya, describing it as a “terrorist country” that brought “ Lockerbie.”He was referring to the blowing up of a US airliner reportedly by Libyan agents in 1988 that claimed a total of 270 lives over the southern Scottish town of Lockerbie.

“Unfortunately, this is what happens when the Security Council is infiltrated by terrorists,” Gillerman said angrily. “It brings into question the legitimacy of such a country not just being in the Security Council but being a member of the United Nations.”

In a hard-hitting rejoinder, Libya’s deputy UN representative Ibrahim al-Dabbashi responded, “We don’t need a certificate of good conduct from the Israeli terrorist regime or its representative here.”

When a enemy has no regard for human life and does not follow the “rules of engagement” during warfare, that enemy should be condemned. Unfortunately this isn’t happening, and won’t as long the psychological warfare terrorists use continues.

Dead Palestinians are worth more to terrorist groups than live ones. Ample photo opportunities abound with each bombing. Images are then spread in the MSM and on the net. For a naive reader those images invoke anger at Israel and other nations who support Israel.

Terrorist groups also use this for funding by setting up fake charities for humanitarian aide to the “poor Palestinians”. Donations are used to further acts of terror. A vicious cycle continues. A day in the life of a terrorist.


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