Video: Why they need human shields in Hamastan

This video is an excellent lesson in why Israel’s war year with Hezbollah year before last didn’t work.  The Hamastinians learned from their brothers to the north.

If you have thousands of rockets per month raining down upon your citizens, and your reaction is to call the people who are doing it and tell them you’re about to take them out, don’t be surprised when you get the scene above.  It’s little wonder there are ‘civilian’ casualties when Israel does get the huevos to strike back once in a while, giving these monsters a propaganda victory to march in front of a sympathetic world press. 

These ‘civilians’ who do such things are nothing of the sort.  In the parlance of the military, they are belligerents.  They are active in the acts of war against a population, and are therefore open game.  Should they be carpet bombed?  No.  Should they be getting warning phone calls?  In the words of our Bronx brethren, ‘fuggedaboudit’.   Are they somehow entitled to be given  food, water, electricity, and all the other modern accoutrement of civilization?  No.  Yet that is exactly what Israel has been doing.  Israel unilaterally pulled out of Gaza nearly three years ago, thinking this would bring them peace.  After all, isn’t that what the Jimmah Carters, Kofi Anans, and other great leaders told them would happen? 

Well, guess what?  The land that the settlers had worked so hard for, had turned the desert into a flowering, blooming, flourishing land of promise, is used as a staging ground against them.  In the last three years, many thousands of these rockets have rained down on Israel proper from Gaza.  They didn’t before, because they don’t have the range. 

Just a few days ago, Israel’s IDF had had enough of Hamas raining rockets on them, mostly because it wasn’t just Sderot, it was a more important town of Ashkelon.  They rolled the tanks in.  For a few days.  Instead of finishing these bastard death cultists off once and for all, they pulled back, just like they did in the Hezbollah war a couple of years ago.  Guess they didn’t want the world community getting too ticked at them, after all.  This was their favor for pulling back.

 I’m reading Churchill right now, The Gathering Storm.  We all know the story about how Neville Chamberlain repeatedly appeased Hitler, giving in, giving in, giving in.  The man was truly convinced that Hitler really wanted peace, and if we just gave him what he was asking for this time, he’d not demand anything more.  Just a couple of weeks after the infamous Munich Agreement, when Chamberlain comes home to an adoring crowd, waving his worthless piece of paper crowing about ‘peace in our time’, Hitler dismembered Czechoslovakia.

This was the waking up point for Chamberlain, and he was a changed man.  He got his act together, and began to get Great Britain on a war footing, and told Hitler in not so many words to sod off.

Let’s hope and pray that Ehud Olmert has had a similar moment.  Let’s also pray that the Bush Administration, including Condi Rice, will quit restraining Israel and let them loose the dogs of war.  Appeasement doesn’t work.  Mish-mash, mamby-pamby half-assed retaliations don’t work either.  It’s time to take the Hamas leadership out, and show the general population that this sort of behaviour will never be tolerated again.

Update:                                                                                                                                           Rusty has some great videos of these animals using children as human shields.

This one in particular is especially instructive.  The monsters strap bombs on children, or when under fire, grab them on the run to hold in front of them.  The Israeli soldiers?  They save the lives of the ones thier own people have nearly killed.

People, don’t believe the garbage you hear in the media, or the whining you hear from the ‘Palestinians’.  Watch these videos, and remember.


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