Marines, Good On Ya

This is why we’ve already won in Iraq, folks.  What’s going on over there is mop-up now.  The Locals already figured out that we are the good guys, AQI are the bad guys, and that fake Haditha garbage that the Only Ex-Marine Jack Murtha was spouting?  Long forgotten.  This is what they will remember our lads and lassies by.

Haditha Marines Big “Heart” Saves 2yr old Iraqi Girl

Houston Chronicle

“Operation Amina,” as the Marines call it, is almost over, and its 2-year-old namesake is going home.Later this week, a surgeon in Tennessee expects to clear Amina Al’a Thabit to return to Iraq, closing a saga that began more than three months ago in Haditha, where two Marine Corps reservists on a routine foot patrol met the toddler with an infectious smile.

She also had a heart defect.

That discovery triggered a logistical dash to get Amina life-saving treatment unavailable in Iraq.

It started with the work of Marines and a Navy doctor assigned to a Belle Chasse, La.-based infantry battalion in Iraq and a pediatric heart surgeon in Nashville who agreed to treat Amina free of charge.

Karla Christian, associate chief of pediatric heart surgery at Vanderbilt University’s Children’s Hospital, operated and, pending a final checkup, expects to clear Amina to go home

Good luck Amina and kudo’s to Marine Reservists 1st Lt. Steven Dobb, Sgt. Brian Vasquez, Maj. Kevin Jarrard, Navy Capt. John Nadeau and Dr. Karla Christian. God Bless you and also those that unselfishly gave of their time to save this beautiful child.

Coalition forces returning an Iraqi girl, Amina Ala Thabit, to her family after receiving open-heart surgery to preserve her life. Scenes include an aircraft landing, a crowd of people lined up to greet her and the girl interacting with her family.

Again, Good On Ya, Marines.  Booyah.


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