State Department Asks: Should the US ‘Engage’ the Suicide-Bombing, Genocidal Hamas Terrorist Gang?

Via LGF:

At their “blog,” the United States State Department is seriously asking the question: Should the U.S. engage Hamas as part of its efforts to bring about peace between the Israelis and Palestinians?

Yes, that’s our State Department. The same State Department that lists Hamas as a terrorist organization, and penalizes US companies for dealing with them, is proposing that the government ‘engage’ Hamas.

Our State Department, with the full backing of President Bush, is bound and determined to give Bush a ‘legacy’.  Clinton tried it, pushed the Israelis into ridiculous cave-ins, and they got the 2000 intifada in return.  We’ve seen in the last couple of years what they got in return for their own initiative of unilaterally pulling out of Gaza.  The most recent fruit of which was the slaying of eight seminary students.  Hamas admitted, most proudly they were responsible for this heinous act. 

You nitwits want to ‘engage’ them.  God Save us.  God save Israel.


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