National Journal’s Rankings For Our Elected Officals

I’m proud to say that my Congressman, Randy Neugebauer, is tied with six others for the most conservative member in the House,  with an overall conservative ranking of 93.3.  (doin’ the snoopy dance)  Georgia had the most with three, good on ya. 

I had the privilege to meet Rep. Neugebauer on my trip to Washington D.C. last fall, and he was a very pleasant, knowledgeable man.  His staff was helpful, and worked with my dad and I on some scheduling issues that were caused by the Dali Lama’s trip to Washington.  He’s been a good leader on the Ag Committee, very important to this region.

 My Senators?  A mixed bag.  John Cornyn came in 4th, with a score of 91.2, Kay Bailey Hutchison 29th, with a 75.2.  Hutchison had been better in the past, but in the last year or so, she’s taken a turn to the left.  Methinks it may have something to do with her desire to run for Governor, and maybe higher office later.  She’s turned on us on enough issues, most pointedly on immigration, that I’ll fight against her, despite my working for her in the past. 

How did your Representatives and Senators do?  Click over and find out, and remember come election time.

P.S.  How did The Only Man Who Can Save America, aka The Only Real Conservative In the Primary, aka Everyone’s Crazy Uncle, aka Ron Paul do?  A conservative score of 60.2, for a ranking of 178….  Bwaaaaahahahahhhahahhahahahaa…….(deep breath)  Bwaaaaahahahhahhahahhahahaaaaaaaaa!


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2 Responses to “National Journal’s Rankings For Our Elected Officals”

  1. Steve Says:

    Anyone who looks at the voting record doesn’t agree with this analysis
    So laugh.

    Ron Paul is not a facist, or socialist, he would be an American president representing all the people, not just certain groups. Your laughing at Paul showns your lack of study into the issues and your misunderstanding of a true statesman

  2. bikermailman Says:

    How typical of a Paulistinian. I don’t believe I said anything about Ron Paul being a fascist, socialist, nor anything of the sort. Nor do I believe anything of the sort. I’m not going to get into an argument about the merits of Rep. Paul, I’ve seen how those things go enough the last year. I’m glad he’s in the House, I just don’t want him as my President. (no, I’m not happy with McCain)

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