Low-hanging fruit: Antiwar organizer hates the troops, America

Via Hot Air: 

A good writeup on a Berkley anti-war activist who is refreshingly honest about his anti-troop, anti-America views.  One of my bugaboos for a while now has been this ‘we support the troops but not the war’ garbage.  Bullcrap.  First of all, I’ve seen the pictures, code_pink_murder.jpg the signs,20080229berkeleybeirut.jpg and heard their chants.img_9265.jpg  They don’t support the troops any more than I support Hezbollah and their war on the Jews.

 Secondly, it’s a logical fallacy.  The troops support the mission, and in spades.  You can talk to them, and they support the mission.  They’re signing up like crazy, and re-upping like crazy.  Logically, if they didn’t support the mission, they wouldn’t sign up, and when the existing forces’ time was up, they’d leave.  If the troops support the mission, than you cannot logically support the troops without supporting the mission.  Now, we know the Left doesn’t support the mission, and as I said, I’ve seen enough to know they don’t support the troops either, but they like to pretend otherwise.  Want more proof?  Go over to zombie’s site and just take some time and look around.  Feel the hate.

Anyway, nice to see some honesty from the Left for a change.



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