Amir Sulaiman, the Right Rev. Wright, and Hate

This is almost indistinguishable from the anger and hate coming from Barak Obama’s spiritual mentorJeremiah Wright’s mouth. Wright is, nominally anyway, a Christian, and Amir Sulaiman is a muslim, but the rhetoric is the same. How many of Wright’s flock feel the same way this young man does? Pay attention to the video and audio we’ve seen in the last several days, but tune out Wright, and watch and listen to the congregation. They are worked into a frenzy. It surprises me not in the least this man took a little trip to Libya with Louis Farrakhan, they are two sides of the same coin.

This man is a jihadist, through and through.  He may not be grabbing an axe, or an AK, but he’s part of the jihad, part of the movement to implement islam and shariah law over the whole globe.  He’s preaching the gospel, which makes him a leader in the movement.  Young people look up to this man. 

“I don’t find it such a strange thing to put an axe in people’s heads.”

Sulaiman explains that the reason he wrote this ‘poem’ was to explain why people do jihad.    Oooohhhhh… I see. It’s kind of like the OIC’s recent statement that if we don’t quit our islamophobia, they are going to become more radical, and it will be our fault. Gotcha.

This is a prime example of what happens when you teach a victimology mentality to people. I’m not responsible for my actions, no matter how violent, someone else is responsible for what I do. This is what makes the poverty pimps like Sharpton and Wright, and the whole entire Left as well, so detestable. This ideology, this way of thinking is destined to keep people enslaved, not liberate people. When you are responsible for your own actions, you are free to move as high up the ladder, to acheive as much as you desire. When others are responsible for your actions, and problems, then you have a ready-made excuse. You don’t study for a test? Steal a car? Shoot up drugs? Stab someone? Hey, it’s all someone else’s fault! I’ve oppressed, don’t you see?

Now, give me some candy, and make sure to feel guilty for not giving me more, while you’re at it!


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2 Responses to “Amir Sulaiman, the Right Rev. Wright, and Hate”

  1. Mr. Roach Says:

    Obama sells himself as a racial healer, kind of a political Sidney Portier. But his preacher and his real views appear closer to Al Sharpton. Those may be truthful views–though I think they are in fact ridiculous–but if they were well known, Obama’s crossover appeal would disappear. Whites may not be as united as they once were, but we know when people mean us harm and have no interest in voting for them. This is a rational and normal behavior by any group of human beings.

  2. bikermailman Says:

    Spot on…though I’d say he’s worse than Sharpton. Sharpton is a race-baiter like Wright, but I’ve never heard the America hatred coming from him. That sort of thing is closer to Louis Farrahkan, IMO.

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