Obama’s Church Web Site ‘Disappears’ the ‘Black Value System’

Via LGF:

Sometime between April 2006 and today, the church Barack Obama has attended for 20 years, Trinity United Church of Christ, quietly edited the “About Us” page of their web site, removing their statement of commitment to “the Black Value System written by the Manford Byrd Recognition Committee chaired by Vallmer Jordan in 1981.”

Here’s the page from 2006, saved by the Internet Archive: Trinity United Church of Christ – About Us.

And here’s the current page: Trinity United Church of Christ – About Us.

The section that was removed:

Trinity United Church of Christ adopted the Black Value System written by the Manford Byrd Recognition Committee chaired by Vallmer Jordan in 1981. We believe in the following 12 precepts and covenantal statements. These Black Ethics must be taught and exemplified in homes, churches, nurseries and schools, wherever Blacks are gathered. They must reflect on the following concepts:

1. Commitment to God
2. Commitment to the Black Community
3. Commitment to the Black Family
4. Dedication to the Pursuit of Education
5. Dedication to the Pursuit of Excellence
6. Adherence to the Black Work Ethic
7. Commitment to Self-Discipline and Self-Respect
8. Disavowal of the Pursuit of “Middleclassness”
9. Pledge to make the fruits of all developing and acquired skills available to the Black Community
10. Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting Black Institutions
11. Pledge allegiance to all Black leadership who espouse and embrace the Black Value System
12. Personal commitment to embracement of the Black Value System.

(Hat tip: LGF readers.)

UPDATE at 3/17/08 10:05:37 am:

The Internet Archive shows that the page was edited sometime between March 15, 2007 and March 29, 2007.

UPDATE at 3/17/08 10:29:09 am:

There’s still a PDF file titled “The Black Value System,” hosted at the church web site, and it’s even more extreme than the 12 precepts quoted above.

UPDATE at 3/17/08 10:35:36 am:

An excerpt from the PDF file, on the subject of “Middleclassness:”

Disavowal of the Pursuit of “Middleclassness”

Classic methodology on control of captives teaches that captors must keep the captive ignorant educationally, but trained sufficiently well to serve the system. Also, the captors must be able to identify the “talented tenth” of those subjugated, especially those who show promise of providing the kind of leadership that might threaten the captor’s control.

Those so identified as separated from the rest of the people by:

Killing them off directly, and/or fostering a social system that encourages them to kill off one another.

Placing them in concentration camps, and/or structuring an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill the jails and prisons.

Seducing them into a socioeconomic class system which while training them to earn more dollars, hypnotizes them into believing they are better than others and teaches them to think in terms of “we” and “they” instead of “us”.

So, while it is permissible to chase “middle-incomeness” with all our might, we must avoid the third separation method-the psychological entrapment of Black “middleclassness”: If we avoid the snare, we will also diminish our “voluntary” contributions to methods A and B. And more importantly, Black people no longer will be deprived of their birthright, the leadership, resourcefulness, and example of their own talented persons.

So, let me see if I get this right:  our ‘oppressive system’ is the one that is choosing not to perform well in school and rise out of poverty.  Our system is forcing peer pressure on those who do perform well, calling them ‘uncle toms’ and other derogatory terms.  Our system forces kids into crime and drug use, and terrorizing other black peoplein the poor neighborhoods.  (one might think that taking those criminal elements off the streets was helping the black community by making their lives safer…guess not…)  ‘Earning more dollars’ (e.g. rising out of poverty) is a bad thing…I see…well, no, actually, I don’t!  People who succeed in school, get a good job, and choose to get out of neighborhoods that have higher violence levels than you see in Iraq today are shouted down for being turncoats.  People who tell the police who actually committed a violent crime are beaten down, even murdered for being ‘snitches’.  There’s a term for that:  ‘snitches get stitches’.  I saw a young black man in my town, far removed from the ‘hood, in a decent neighborhood, with great parents, wearing one of these t-shirts recently.  There are songs, complete with videos showing the snitches getting revenge taken upon them. (no, I won’t provide links)  Rev. Wright, you tolerate this crap, this destruction of your own neighborhoods, your own people by your own people, yet you blame all your ills on the white man.  Clean up your own house before you go and start laying blame.

White people, conservatives in fact, have been at the forefront of the school voucher/charter school movement.  This would aid the poor communities far more than it would more affluent ones.  It would give poor families who are fed up with the poor teaching and ganglands their local government schools have turned into.  It would give them the access to better schools that more well off people, more specifically, our elected leaders, have often sent their children to all along.  Yet Barak Obama and other Democrat leaders have been the very ones who have blocked these attempts to help your children at every turn, because they are in the pockets of the teacher’s unions. 

I was going to do a separate post on a great video on a charter school fight in Watts, but this seems a perfect time to put it up.  Watch the whole thing, and if you don’t cheer for these (mostly minority) families trying to get their children an education, you have no heart.



I’m only doing this as an update instead of a new post since I’m so tired of writing on this man and his hate.  It seems that Wright says Israel is a ‘dirty word’ and that ‘blacks get all quiet at the mention of Israel’.  Given his support for the ‘Palestinian’ cause, and the traditional hostility between the black and Jewish communities, this is no surprise.  Wright himself told Obama

What was it that Wright himself said? Something like “The moment my sermons come out, Obama’s Jewish support is going to melt like a snowball in hell”?

Yet another Update: 

Get ready for some more anti-America, anti-Israel rhetoric:

Rev. Wright’s ‘War on Iraq IQ Test’

41. Q: How many UN resolutions did Israel violate by 1992?
A: Over 65

42. Q: How many UN resolutions on Israel did America veto between 1972 and 1990?
A: 30+

43. Q: How much does the U.S. fund Israel a year?
A:$5 billion

44. Q: How many countries are known to have nuclear weapons?
A: 8

45. Q: How many nuclear warheads has Iraq got?
A: 0

46. Q: How many nuclear warheads has US got?
A: over 10,000

47. Q: Which is the only country to use nuclear weapons?
A: the US

48. Q: How many nuclear warheads does Israel have?
A: Over 400

49. Q: Has Israel every allowed UN weapon inspections?
A: No

50. Q: What percentage of the Palestinian territories are controlled by Israeli settlements?
A: 42%

51. Q: Is Israel illegally occupying Palestinian land?
A: Yes

And concluding with this:

52. Q: Which country do you think poses the greatest threat to global peace: Iraq or the U.S.?
A: ????

Every bit of which is misleading, not to mention completely absolving Iraq, the ‘Palestinians’ and other Arab countries of their misdeeds.  Besides, exactly what does Israel have to do with an ‘Iraq Q & A’?  Well, if you’re a conspiracy minded nut, or in the mindset of the America hating, Jew hating muslim community, it has everything to do with us going into Iraq.  Real world though?  Not a damn thing.  We had our own fish to fry with Saddam.  Crikey, one has to wonder how much else is going to be found in this man’s putrid filth, and how much the Obamamaniacs are going to cover for him?  Can Obama manage to distance himself in his big speech tomorrow?  Do spin control to try to convince us that this Black Liberation Theology isn’t so bad after all?  Unite us, Oh Great Obamessiah!


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5 Responses to “Obama’s Church Web Site ‘Disappears’ the ‘Black Value System’”

  1. What's wrong with this? Says:

    I don’t quite understand. A community is in ruins with more young males going to jail than to college, over 50% of households are headed by single moms with dad no where to be seen, most African Americans leaving in inner cities, drugs running rampant. African Americans are quickly becoming the permanent underclass. I haven’t seen anything anywhere that has stated that African Americans should rise up and eliminate any one or thing.Everyone else has a code of ethis to hold their community together. There is Greek school, catechism school, Jewish Saturday school, etc. What’s so wrong with African Americans having a code of ethics. Please explain….

  2. bikermailman Says:

    Disavowal of the Pursuit of “Middleclassness”, “Killing them off directly, and/or fostering a social system that encourages them to kill off one another.”, “Placing them in concentration camps”

    I didn’t claim that Rev. Wright says they should rise up. The implication is separation. As I said in my post, rising into the middle class is only good for the underclass. As well, I hardly see how it is the white community that is doing the drugs, doing the crimes, refusing to educate themselves, stomping on people who try to rise above it all.

    As to your comment about a code of ethics, and every community: I agree, on the surface. However, I wrote yesterday about the roots of Black Liberation Theology, which Rev. Wright preaches. It has at its roots a Marxist ideology. When you begin to look at so many of the church’s goals in that context, it becomes more troubling.

    There has been a lot written in the last week by me, and by others. I don’t know how much of the video or audio you’ve been exposed to, or of the Rev’s other preaching. If you haven’t seen much, take a look around here, or at some of the sites in my blogroll like HotAir or LittleGreenFootballs.

    I appreciate your stopping by, commenting, and asking.

  3. writerchick Says:

    Hey Mailman,
    The irony to this to me, is that by and large afro-americans align themselves to a political party that exploits them and forces much of this on them – through bad educational programs, entitlement programs, etc. And think that Conservatives are somehow out to bring them down. I don’t get that at all.

    Also, based on the data I’ve read the ‘fact’ of more young black men in prison than in college is false.

    As to this church and particularly Pastor Wright – he’s hawking hatred it’s just that he feels his is justified. But the truth is, approaching any problem from the view of being victimized and using hatred to fix it, is doomed to failure.

  4. bikermailman Says:

    Yeah, did you have a chance to watch the video at the end? Drew’s doing a great job over at Reason.tv, and that story just makes you cheer for those families. I’m about to do an update to this post, seems Wright does in fact have issues with Israel. Not surprising, since he’s aligned with the ‘Palestinians’.

  5. About Barack Obama « Michigan Redneck II Says:

    […] Obama’s Church Web Site ‘Disappears’ the ‘Black Value System’ […]

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