Complicity in Iran’s Anti-Gay Jihad

Robert Spencer has written in Frontpage Mag about the case of Mehdi Kazemi.  Kazemi is Iranian, a college student…and gay.  When he left for Britain three years ago, he found out that his partner had been executed.  For being gay.

Kazemi knew that he would be murdered at the hand of the state if he returned, and applied for asylum.  Britain rejected his application.  Why, you ask?  Because according to British authorities, Iran does not persecute homosexuals.  Uhh huh. 

He applied in the Netherlands, and they rejected him as well.  He has reapplied in Britain, and his case is up in the air at the moment. 

The Queen knighted Iqbal Sacranie, who cheered the Rushdie fatwa; London mayor Ken Livingstone honored the appalling terrorist defender Yusuf al-Qaradawi; and the Archbishop of Canterbury has called for a parallel system of sharia law in the U.K. Forty to sixty percent of Muslims in Britain tell pollsters they want sharia in that country, and every day the British government welcomes more immigrants who agree with them. Britain doles out massive amounts of financial support to schools that teach jihad, imams who preach it, and ordinary believers who support it; and it keeps accommodating sharia in various ways, most recently by deciding to recognize Muslim polygamy for the purposes of calculating welfare payments.

But this same government has now turned down an asylum request from somebody who – far from being a supporter of sharia and jihad – would be one immigrant from the Muslim world who would be a 100% guaranteed staunch believer in the freedoms for which Britons, in their finest hour, stood up alone against the Nazis. For all the irrational, despicable, and self-destructive acts of dhimmitude Her Majesty’s Government has committed in recent years, few things that it has done have demonstrated its utter moral blindness in the face of Islam more starkly than its refusal to offer sanctuary to Mehdi Kazemi.

Read the whole thing.  The dhimmitude of once Great Britain is appalling.  This is what awaits this young man if they reject his asylum request.



There is a petition available online to support Kazemi.  As of this writing, there are 5,949 signatures.  Please go and lend your support to this man’s cause.  According to an update today, he is due to be deported to England from the Netherlands today, and he is in poor spirits.  Go, sign, if you have a blog, put this up.  This man deserves better than to be murdered at the hands of the mullahs.


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4 Responses to “Complicity in Iran’s Anti-Gay Jihad”

  1. michiganredneck Says:

    This is disgusting. All these Europeans claim to be for human rights, yet they are not allowing his human rights. I heard about this on Glenn Beck last week. He had Irshad Manji, I think that is her name. Glenn was talking about how Ahmed Idiot-job was saying that they “have no homosexuals in Iran.” Glenn said that Iran has a been on gays and that if there is no gays in Iran it is liking banning unicorns.

  2. bikermailman Says:

    Yeah, I saw Glenn’s line about unicorns too. He never fails to make you laugh, even in the most serious of situations. Like last night, when they played a clip of Bernanke talking up the economy, then all of a sudden, he’s sipping a cool drink!

  3. Jet Says:

    Mehdi is not completely safe yet and he needs all the support he can get!

    Please visit and as well.

    Thnx in advance,


  4. bikermailman Says:

    I posted an update with your petition, as well as signed it. Thanks for the information.

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