Stop the Cyber-Jihad

Rusty over at mypetjawa has been relentless at getting the word out about jihadi videos placed on youtube, and in shutting down terrorist websites.  These videos are recorded while attacking U.S. military personnel, beheading people they don’t like, and other pathetic endeavours.  A computer guy gets the raw video, spiffs it up into a production, then distributes these videos on the intrawebs, or sells DVDs of the killings. 

Youtube is flooded with this filth, and getting a video taken down takes effort from people, to flag it. 

Stop Internet Terrorists is doing valuable work as well, trolling youtube for offensive videos, then posting and linking them on her site.  Go to her site, click the links for videos, then when at youtube, click the ‘flag’ button, and choose from the reasons given in the drop-down box.

Warning:  these videos are harsh, they show the murdering of our brave soldiers and marines, some of them showing the killing of women and children.  If you don’t feel up to seeing this footage, hit the pause button to stop the video from playing.

In recent months, we’ve began to see less of new videos coming out, and the ones that do, are much lower quality.  Bin Laden’s supposed recent tapes are proof of that.  According to a report released Saturday by the military,

U.S. military spokesman Rear Admiral Greg Smith said that in the past year, 39 al Qaeda members in Iraq responsible for producing and disseminating videos and other material to thousands of Internet Web sites had been captured or killed.

“The power of this information is obvious. These guys are using material that is used on Web sites to recruit and raise money,” Smith told Reuters in an interview.

“We think the vast majority of this media network has been degraded at this point,” he said, adding that the arrests had led to fewer Internet postings of al Qaeda beheadings, kidnappings and other attacks in Iraq.

U.S. defence officials have in the past complained the military was losing the propaganda battle against militants who skilfully exploited communication tools like the Internet.

Smith said there has been a steady decline in videos broadcast on 5,000 pro-al Qaeda Web sites since June 2007, roughly coinciding with falling levels of violence across Iraq.

In February, U.S. intelligence monitoring of those Web sites showed 34 new postings of videos and audio material from Iraqi networks, down from 144 postings in June 2007, Smith said.

Last December, U.S. soldiers seized videos showing Iraqi children younger than 11 carrying out mock kidnappings and attacks. The U.S. military described the content of the confiscated material, which they said came from al Qaeda as the most disturbing to date. (emphasis mine)

These people get great glee from these things, and are used to recruit new members.  Go, be a part of the solution.


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