It’s Not A Quota, I Swear!

Via Betsy’s Page: 

This is the great Democrat Party, and their quota system affirmative action plan.

’08 Affirmative Action Goals

Hispanic/Latino 26%
LGBT 12%
African-American 16%
Youth (Under 30) * 10% * those born 8/29/78 or later
Asian/Pacific Islander 9%
Native American 1%
Persons wih [sic] Disabilities 10%

And there are strict rules to break the delegation exactly evenly by gender, except for when the allotted number is an odd one in which case the women get the extra delegate.

California Democrats will have:

* 441 Delegates (221 females, 220 males)
* 62 Alternates (31 females, 31 males)
* 503 TOTAL (252 females, 251 males)

Is it any wonder Gary Hubbell wrote The Angry White Man?  These people don’t care about how good their delegates might be, just so long as they are a category.  I wrote in the above link about the Dems and their identity politics.  They look at you, they don’t see a person, an individual.  They see a group.  You’re black, or female, or a union member, or gay, or one of those eviiillllee Euro-Americans.  You know, whitey.  The Man.  This policy is exactly why there’s an Uncivil War going on in the primaries right now, and why one fifth of whichever side loses people will vote for McCain.  The poll doesn’t even ask how many of them will just stay home. 

There’s hardly a dime’s worth of difference between Clinton and Obama, policy-wise, but the way these two and their supporters are acting, you’d think this was between the Greens and Libertarians. 

The Democrats are going to be in a world of hurt, whichever one of them wins the nomination:  either Obama by virtue of winning the most delegates and votes (hint guys, this is supposed to be a democratic thing, no?), or Clinton by virtue of having none, and stealing the thing.  If Obama wins, the women are going to get pissy and either vote McCain or stay home.  Good luck winning with half the population having a big chunk not show.  If Clinton wins, the black vote will stay home in droves, not to mention rioting in the streets of America.   Good luck winning with 13% of the population, your most reliable voting block, staying home. 

Never even mind the rioters looking to ‘Recreate ’68’…  These nutburgers have an organization “which has promised demonstrations that will rival those at the bloody 1968 Democratic convention in Chicago”.  Throw the anarchists in the mix… 

Let’s just say that I’m going to have a big supply of popcorn and Fat Tire on hand.


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