Geert Wilders, Network Solutions, and Dhimmitude

Geert Wilders is a member of the Dutch House of Representatives.  He has been a fierce critic of both the unrestricted immigration (primarily from islamic countries), and the militancy of these immigrants, who take over entire neighborhoods, harass non-muslim women who aren’t wearing the hijab, and and attack, even rape the citizenry with abandon.  (an excellent primer on this is Bruce Bawer’s book, While Europe Slept)  Due to Wilders’ outspokenness and leading a movement to protect Dutch citizens, he has received numerous death threats, has constant bodyguards, and an assassination attempt was foiled by the police.

In recent weeks, Wilders announced that he was working on a short film documenting abuses by muslims, and quoting the Quran to show where these monsters get their theological excuses for their terror. 

A couple of months ago, he registered the domain name with a  company called Network Solutions, the fifth largest domain supplier and hosting company in the world.  They happily took his money, he put no substantial content on the site, except for a picture:  fitna002.jpg  This is a picture of the Quran, with the words Allahu Akhbar (the Arabic words for ‘God Is Greatest), and the release date of the film, March 23, when he would post the film on this site. 

There has been much talk of this matter for many weeks, especially in The Netherlands.  Network Solutions did nothing with the site…until a few hours before the release date.  They then took the site offline, and if you tried to view the site, you were given this message:  networksolutions.jpg  This is is telling us that the site has been suspended, and Network Solutions is investigating the matter due to complaints about the site, and possible TOS violations.

Now, riddle me this, Batman:  There was no substantial content on the site, except for a picture of the Quran, which is revered by well over a billion people across the world.  Exactly what content was it that was so offensive to people that led to NS pulling the site?  Most likely, a flurry of threats from muslims in Europe and America.  Washington Post reporter Brian Kerbs reports that in an interview with Electronic Frontier Foundation, a group devoted to online civil rights, a representative “said it was the first case he’d heard of in which a U.S.-based registrar had preemptively suspended a domain name for violating its use policy.” 

Never happened before… 

In Krebs article, he reports that he interviewed a representative from Network Solutions, Susan Wade.  She claimed that the company had received several complaints in recent weeks (again, complaints about exactly what on the site?).  Krebs went on to say this:

In the meantime, she said, a decision was made to deactive the site given the potential violence that the movie could spark. She said Wilders could still access the site himself and was free to move or redirect its content to another domain.

“When you look at the history and violence surrounding this particular situation…some of the bad things that have happened or could happen, that was part of what we were thinking in suspending the Web site,” Wade said.

Wade said the company hadn’t received any specific threats regarding the site, but that
Network Solutions employees had been reminded this week about observing regular physical safety and security measures at work.  (emphasis mine)

Let me interpret that for you:  They are scared.  This is exactly the message Wilders has been trying to get across to Europe, and the West.  These people are coming in in droves, taking over, and time to stop this is running out.  Wilders has said that his movie is a “last warning for the West,” and that “if need be, I will personally distribute DVDs in the Dam [central square in Amsterdam].”  He has also warned of a “tsunami of Islamisation” in Holland.  A wonderful editorial cartoon on the Wilders (hat tip Atlas Shrugs) says it all: 


The blogosphere has gotten all over this matter, uncovering information about NS, including this little tidbit at Creeping Sharia:

Update: It appears Network Solutions may have woken up and suspended the domain names for Hizbollah – cached versions availableon that big search engine but “Server Not Found” error on the Hizbollah links. Did Network Solutions just realize Hizballah is listed by the U.S. Department of State as a Foreign Terrorist Organization?

If in fact they did, and the record was updated today, it only took them ten years:

Domain ID:D849804-LROR Domain Name:HIZBOLLAH.ORG Created On:06-Feb-1998 05:00:00 UTC Last Updated On:24-Mar-2008 17:45:24 UTC Expiration Date:05-Feb-2009 05:00:00 UTC Sponsoring Registrar:Network Solutions LLC

 Let us not forget that Hizbollah is a radical terrorist group, classified as such by the State Department, backed by Iran, and responsible for Israel’s last war, two years ago.  They don’t host the site, but do hold the domain name.  As said above, it took them ten years, and a flurry of complaints from me, and countless other bloggers in the last few days, to realize this? 

I was just about to post a link to a blog on NS’s site, to go leave comments.  There had been well over 200 comments earlier, I left one as well.  I just checked again, there are zero comments.  They took them all down.  I attempted to call their number to complain (again, I called and emailed Saturday night, was assured they would get back to me the next day. Nada.), and got a message saying they are ‘experiencing higher than usual call volume’.  Great work, guys! 

Here’s some contact info:  Network Solutions
Roy Dunbar, CEO
10 Azalea Drive
Drums, PA 18222

Email address for complaints:

Rusty reports his own conversation earlier:

But I was making her very uncomfortable…I could actually hear her blanching over the phone!
I explained why I was contacting her (she was already aware of Fitna), and when I was done explaining my gripe (forcefully), she asked me if I had any specific questions for her.
So I asked her some specific questions, and informed her they were for an article I was writing for a popular conservative blog…where upon her voice became even gloomier:

Read More “Pushing Back – My Conversation With Network Solutions”

1. “Why did you remove a website for TOS violations when there was nothing but a parking page with the text “Coming Soon”, and a photo of the Quran?”
She directed my attention to the notice on the page, saying “It is what it is.”

2. “Why is an American based company willing to practice preemptive censorship, when there has not yet been any violation?”
Again, she had no answer.

3. “Is it Network Solutions’ common practice to remove websites on the day prior to their launch, after months of work have gone into promoting those websites?”
She said she was not aware of such a practice, but she could forward my question upward.

4. I informed her I was in the process of building a new, massive website (true), and that I had planned to host with Network Solutions prior to this debacle (not true).
I asked her why American companies should give Network Solutions their business, when her company has demonstrated their willingness to ruin their customers’ livelihoods for the sake of political correctness, and their own bottom line?
She just sort of sputtered, told me she understood my point, and assured me she’d look into it.

5. I asked her why an American based hosting company is more concerned about disgruntled Muslims than protecting free speech on the Internet?
Dead silence.

6. I asked her for contact information for her boss, Roy Dunbar (CEO of Network Solutions), as she was unable to provide me with answers to my questions, and she declined, stating she could not allow every complaint to go directly to him, because he was a busy man.

I informed her I too am a busy man, and that I had just wasted more than a half hour of my time, being shuffled from person to person, trying to get answers she was ultimately unwilling or unable to provide.

While these may appear to be two separate issues, that could not be further from the truth.  Wilders has been trying to warn people of how muslims are taking over by both force and by bullying tactics.  This episode with Network Solutions has shown that bullying works.  They get who knows what sort of threats, and they back down.  This has been the exact problem Wilders, Bawer, Pim Fortuyn, Hirsi Ali, and others have been trying to warn about. 

This is about more than ‘just’ free speech and the free flow of information on the internet.  This is about our future.  The Netherlands, England, and France are just the most visible cases of how their culture is surrendering to the soft jihad.  Forcing halal food for everyone in schools, forcing the prison systems to spend enormous amounts of time and money turning the toilets by 90 degrees so they don’t face towards or away from Mecca, attacking priests, sharia banking laws, forcing England to legitimize polygamy, and making the taxpayers give them welfare to boot…  The list goes on and on. 

This is important, folks.  Go to the website, call Network Solutions, let them know this is unacceptable. 


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7 Responses to “Geert Wilders, Network Solutions, and Dhimmitude”

  1. creeping Says:

    It would be great if you could capture screen shots of the blog with comments and then without…usually g**gle has cached versions of most sites

    We’d like to add this tidbit as an update at Creeping Sharia as well and refer to your posting…

  2. bikermailman Says:

    I saved the whole page… 😀 Feel free, and thank you. I appreciate the work you did, and that everyone is out there doing on this.

  3. Dennis Says:

    Good job and well written. The muslims are using the threat of terror to prevent a video calling them terrorists. What’s wrong with this picture.



  4. bikermailman Says:

    Thank you. NS put out a statement today, basically a blah blah CYA kind of thing. I don’t think people are going to back off on this one though.

  5. reformislam Says:

    Wilders Movie Website, Network Solutions, Is Caving Into Radical Islam.

    Muslims Against Sharia neither endorse nor condemn “Fitna”; we have not seen the film. However, we find it disturbing that Network Solution suspended “Fitna” website while hosting a multitude of radical Islamic websites, some of which belong to (or are closely affiliated with) terrorist groups.

  6. bikermailman Says:

    Thank you for this. I’ll check it out after I get off work. Thank you also, for your stance on the Network Solutions issue. Preemptively taking a site down is bad news for everyone.

  7. The Movie Fitna, Released « The Mailman’s Bag Says:

    […] Movie Fitna, Released A couple of days ago, I wrote about the Geert Wilders film Fitnaand Network Solutions’ decision to pre-emptively cen…NS was requesting Wilders submit the film to them, and let them decide whether or not to take the […]

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