‘Compassionate’ Liberals

Via Hot Air:

Our so-called compassionate liberals at work.  First they put up a nifty little mosaic picture of President Bush and John McCain, made up of pictures of the soldiers and Marines killed in Iraq.  To ‘celebrate’ hitting the 4,000 deaths mark.  Then in the comments, while some did take the author to task, most commenters were just completely vile.

Now, we get a Soros funded website, the Minnesota Monitor, ragging on John McCain’s teeth and mouth.  You know, those teeth that the Viet Cong bashed out of his mouth?

If bloggers are saying one thing about John McCain this week it’s that the 71-year-old has some serious grit. Of course, that grit comes in the form of McCain Mouth, a deformity that apparently causes teeth to look like a mess of yellowed and contorted Chiclets. Today, BuzzFeed.com has picked up on the mouth meme, turning McCain’s piano-key chompers into an official phenomenon.

The consensus? “They’re old.” And, “He looks like Reverend Kane from Poltergeist II.” And, “Dude has had a ton of plastic surgery, can’t he afford a dentist?”

While looks are an easy and lame target, it’s at least refreshing to see McCain’s teeth get a razzing (though, unfortunately, not a cleaning). It gets a little tiring listening to the same sexist cries that Hillary Clinton is just too ugly to be president. Hatin’ on the looks of all the candidates? Now that’s equality!

Go read the whole thing.  Ed Morrissey has a good writeup, and finishes it with this jewel:

What’s next, MinnMon?  Want to make fun of his arms, too?


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