A Response to Huffington Post’s Vile Picture

This past Monday, a sick individual named Nico Pitney had a little fun with Photoshop over at the Huffington Post.  To celebrate the 4,000th American death in Iraq, he got pictures of the dead soldiers and Marines, and put them in a photo mosaic which made a picture of President Bush and Senator McCain. 


Pitney tries to wrap this piece of filth in a CYA by claiming:

In remembrance of the 4,000 brave men and women who sacrificed everything for us — and the two men who would continue this great tragedy, despite the cost to our soldiers, our military, and our nation.

Need more proof of the Left’s hate for the soldiers?  Take a stroll through the comments.  Now, I’ll give credit where it’s due, there are a few who call Pitney on his bad taste, even when they are against the war.  However, most of them go like this:

can we please use this image on campaign posters to go across the country ? This picture was definitely worth a thousand word.

Bush should be enshrined next to all the war criminals of the past.

God-Damn it! My picture should be up there too! Alter all, this is my glorious war too! YOUR BELOVED AND TRULY “VICE”V WAR PROFITNATOR, FUCK-THEE CHENEY

p.s. I approve this important FAUX News Alert! Gee Dubba “Baby George” Bu$h

Will Bush and Cheney ever be impeached and jailed for their high crimes?

4,000 is an inaccurate deception. US troops are not more special than other Americans and Iraqis. The death toll is multiple times more than 4,000.

Oh, I thought it was Nikita Khrushchev behind W, and I just couldn’t figure out the connection.

Any second, there’s going to be a CNN/Faux News Terror Alert about a suspiciously brown skinned Grandmother reading a copy of a Quran in a bagel store just to get you folks not on the coasts or in Washington State back on track.

I disagree: ANY memorialization of this slaughter is welcome. Yes, every benchmark number is absolutely irrelevant and unrelated to human pain and death–but if 4,000 means more to someone, anyone, and pushes them out of their enthusiasm for the bloodbath, then noting the number has done its job.

Many of those men and women undoubtedly DID believe they were there to secure our safety. They undoubtedly DID believe they were there to “liberate.” They undoubtedly did believe the lies this administration told them. And that makes it all the more tragic.

As Dick says “So?” seriously, if Repukes win and continue to delude dumb AmeriKKKa, then the idiots deserve to get their kids blown up and go bankrupt. I could care less any more!

What I don’t understand is why a vet would even care what the hell a civy thinks? I would also think that you might be used to being used as a political tool, afterall that was your job!

These are by no means the only comments to speak of, I just want to keep this post shorter than seven pages worth.

Rusty has a good comment on the issue:

The best part of this little smeck of truly vile antiwar propaganda? This disclaimer at the bottom of the post:

(Note: Since some photos of fallen U.S. soldiers are unavailable, there are duplicates.)

What? So the soldiers are expendable, to be regarded as puzzle pieces in your little game? We’re dealing with real patriots here – not those pikers who sign up to become cannon fodder in BOOSH’S war for bloodoilhalliburton.

Make sure to read the comments, because when the commenters begin pointing out to the HuffPo pinhead that there are duplicate pics, the “artist” responds that “the point” was missed. Yeah, the pic isn’t actually the faces of all of the departed the “artist” was “honoring,” but hey, this is the antiwar movement and the ends justify the means, right?

New bumper sticker slogan:

Antiwar Democrats: Defining Patriotism Down Since Vietnam.

Anyway, a commenter at Little Green Footballs (IIRC) had the idea of instead of this picture to memorialize the dead, how about something more representative of the war:  Michael Yon’s famous picture of a soldier cradling a small child killed by the terrorists. 


I decided to do exactly that.  The pictures used to make the mosaic are of no importance, I don’t know where Pitney got his pictures of the dead soldiers, and don’t really care, because he used them for such a vile purpose.


If anyone wants a full-sized version of the picture, it’s here.  (note:  large file size, over 8 MB)


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