The Movie Fitna, Released

A couple of days ago, I wrote about the Geert Wilders film Fitnaand Network Solutions’ decision to pre-emptively censor it. NS was requesting Wilders submit the film to them, and let them decide whether or not to take the block off his website.  Wilders refused.  It would appear that either some fancy lawyering by Wilders, the negative attention brought to the matter, including all over the blogosphere, and even on the Glenn Beck television and radio shows, or a combination of the above, encouraged Network Solutions to rethink the matter.  Today, the film is up at

I just got done watching it, and was impressed.  There is nothing in there that was done as hateful, merely a handful of quotes from the Koran (although it was a tiny percentage of related material from it which exhorts followers to kill, enslave, and take over the world), with pictures and video of terrorism, the results thereof, and footage of muslims themselves following what their holy book tells them to do. 

Anyone who has informed themselves on this topic, the footage is nothing new.  The treatment of women, gays, Jews, and anyone else who isn’t muslim.

If you’re new to this subject, be prepared.  Some of the footage is violent, but watch.  Spread the the word.  This matter isn’t just because of what America has done, or the Jews have done.  These same things are happening on every continent on the planet, minus of course Antarctica.  It’s happening to Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, and other muslims as well. 

Currently, the number of deadly attacks made by islamic terrorists who are using the Quran and Hadith as their theological justification is pushing 11,000.  Since 9/11.

Don’t believe me that every continent, every religion, young and old are being attacked?  Follow the above link.  They keep track of the attacks, and list them.

Now, Fitna. 

Spread the word.  Europe is in serious trouble, and we are following them.


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3 Responses to “The Movie Fitna, Released”

  1. formyfreedom Says:

    I admie the courage and spirit of all those who dare to stand against the killing cult of 7th century. I myself is struggling for my lost feedom and to save the humanity from this primative disease.

    Long Live freedom of speech

    Shafqat Aziz

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    […] violent, religious supremacists have hit a blow.  LiveLeak, who bravely decided to post the film Fitna, was forced to take it down for the safety of their employees.  Try to view the film on that link, […]

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