Veteran Sentenced For Desecrating Mexican Flag at UNM Campus

Note the key word in the headline:  Mexican flag.  Via Gateway Pundit:

Last fall a student La Raza group flew the The Mexican Flag over the UNM campus for several days
This symbolizes that a US territory has been taken over.
After complaining to campus officials who did nothing Air Force veteran Peter Lynch took the flag down and tore it up.
This week he was sentenced.

US Air Force veteran Peter Lynch was found guilty and sentenced Tuesday for desecrating a Mexican Flag that was flying illegally over the University of New Mexico campus.

The flag belonged to the campus group “El Centro de la Raza” who accused Lynch of being a racist for taking down the flag.

On September 18, 2007, veteran Peter Lynch noticed a Mexican flag hanging from a flagpole outside Scholes Hall Monday at the UNM campust. Lieutenant Pat Davis of the UNM Police Department testified that when Lynch saw the Mexican flag flying without an American flag, which is improper flag etiguette, he first reported it to the office of UNM’s Dean of Students, then to the Officer of Veteran Affairs. They would not act on the illegal display of the Mexican flag, so Lynch took it down and tore it and took it to the Air Force ROTC office.

Note the name of the group the flag belonged to…  La Raza.  Yes, you remembered your Español correctly, it means The Race.  A ‘civil rights’ group for Mexicans actively seeking to serve out the Reconquista on the whole Southwestern United States.  The ones pushing the teaching in California textbooks of false history and taking back of ‘Aztlan’, the mythical country that was ‘stolen’ from Mexico.

Now, imagine if you will, a white group calling themselves ‘The Race’.  Imagine yourself giving a pass to that group when they have as their slogan “For those of the race, everything. For those outside the race, nothing”.  This is what the group La Raza is. 

These people have an agenda, and the multiculturalists, Democrats looking for voters, and Republicans wanting cheap labor are combining to help give them what they want:  about a third of the continental United States.

BTW, I would include links in here, and a couple of nifty pictures of the map La Raza has to show what their intent is, but wordpress has a new format, and it doesn’t seem to want to put the linky thingys or images in any more.  Grrrrrrrr…  There’s no spell check any more either…


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