How you can support General Petraeus

General Petraus will be speaking before Congress this week.  Last summer, as Ed Morrissey points out,

He had one Senator call him a liar to his face — a Senator that wants to be President, but has found it rougher going than she predicted.  A major political organization that supports and is supported by many Democrats took out a full-page ad in the New York Times implying that Petraeus was a traitor, using a playground slur on his surname.

General Petraeus returns to Congress this week, a chastised Congress that has tried its best to avoid the Iraq debate ever since Petraeus proved them wrong in the fall and winter, but one that will undoubtedly remain hostile.  Nancy Pelosi has already tried telling Petraeus that he’d better deliver a negative report — or else.  Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell wants Petraeus to have a better welcome back to the US for his report.

Senator Mitch McConnell decided to provide the rest of us an opportunity to show our appreciation, or any other thoughts you might have about the General.

There’s no doubt that Moveon.ogre will be hauling out the same garbage they did last fall, though I doubt the NY Times will be caught giving them preferential treatment this time.

Click on over and let your thoughts be known.


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2 Responses to “How you can support General Petraeus”

  1. Says:

    Petraeus – Right Man For The Job…

    General Petraeus is on the hot seat again today during the Iraq hearings that will be going on all week on capital hill. Of course I have it on Fox News to hear the details. There is definitely some entertainment value here with the protesters …

  2. The Gentle Cricket Says:

    I left my comment. Petraeus has really worked wonders in Iraq. It has a long way to come, but if the rate at which improvement is realized is maintained, I’m optimistic.

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