Obama Visits Billionaire’s Row

Ahhh…the amorphous Zombie catches another great group of photos, this time of Senator Obama visiting ‘billionaire’s row’ in San Francisco.  This shouldn’t seem like anything extraordinary, since politicians are forever seeking out and pandering to the wealthy to raise funds.  The wealthy, of course, are trying to buy access to the politician so they may gain favor(s) with said individual when they get in office. This, however, is the Great Obamessiah!  As he, and as is pointed out in Zombie’s post on the matter,

Obama’s campaign slogan is “Change” — declaring that he alone will change the way things are done in politics.
But what kind of “change” is this? The single most insidious aspect of American politics is that candidates often must pander to and do the bidding of the wealthiest Americans, who have the funds to get the candidate elected. It’s so commonplace, we no longer thing of it as “corruption,” but that’s basically what it is. So when Obama spends all day doing nothing but going to a series of private fundraisers populated exclusively by the wealthy, the only “change” I feel are the coins jangling at the bottom of my pocket.According to this article (and many others), Obama’s campaign is claiming he raises his money from small donors:

“When you’re given the gift of advocacy, you don’t sell it to the highest bidder,” Mrs. Obama said. Mrs. Obama stressed how her husband has relied on “regular folks” instead of big donors. Instead of thousand-dollar donations, the Obama campaign has raised millions on small checks of $20 to $50. Mrs. Obama sees this participatory attitude as a new trend.

Wait just a minute there. If you do the math, one just this one day in the Bay Area, Obama went to four events, three of which had $2,300 minimum donations for tickets, and the other for $1,000 minimum per ticket. Each of the events, from the various descriptions, held as many as 400 people (the Getty mansion has a ballroom that reportedly seats at least 300). 400 x $2,300 = $920,000 per event, times three events = $2.76 million, plus the other event, which undoubtedly puts him over $3 million in contributions for this one day alone. And who knows how many other similar days he schedules in other parts of the country.
Michelle Obama (and other Obama campaign spokespeople) aren’t telling the truth. It seems that a significant portion of Obama’s monthly campaign contributions are coming from “large donors”‘ — i.e. rich people, not just the “$20 to $50” donations they’re constantly bragging about.

An excellent point.  ‘But wait!’ you say…’He is the agent of change, and would surely never lie to us!  You troglodytes must just not understand the purpose here.’ 

No, I’m afraid we do understand.  Barack Obama is just another politician, going to the wealthy, hat in hand, so he can skip out on his promise to bypass the usual way of funding a campaign and go with federal financing. 

For more information on Obama and his….’mistruths’, click over and read my four part (more to come, I have no doubt) series, It Seems That Hillary’s Not the Only One With Pants On Fire.

After you go to Zombie’s page and read the post, and see the pictures of this event.


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