The Westboro Church Haters Get Theirs

This just warms my heart.  The second time in one week that people have turned out to show these people up.  The first was last week, this time in Wisconsin.  These animals were protesting and showing their hate for three college kids who were killed in a house fire.  These hateful freaks regularly go to funerals of our soldiers and Marines.  Thankfully, The Patriot Guard comes out to block them from the grieving families.  This time, a bunch of college kids, who I might not agree with on a lot of issues, turn out and run these sorry excuses for people off.  Good for them.  Content warning, these are college kids, after all.

Last week’s heart-warming turnout, with a rickroll twist…

That makes me almost as proud as the people who showed up to run the awful racist  Quanell X off from protesting Joe Horn.  Almost.


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