Ronald Reagan From the View of a Cold Warrior

Great words from a Great Woman.  With pure humility, she sings President Reagan’s praises.  Everything she says is true, but she leaves out a major player in Reagan’s accomplishments:  herself. 

The Iron Lady is proof positive that a woman can in fact be the leader of a great nation (among other examples, such as Golda Meir and Indira Gandhi).  She led Great Britain at an important time in its history, and aided President Reagan and Pope John Paul in bringing down the Soviet Union.  Those three formed a triumvirate that brought strength back to the west, at a time when people were predicting its demise. 

President Reagan revived America’s will, spirit, and strength, Prime Minister Thatcher was a staunch ally when most of our allies in Europe were failing, and Pope John Paul revived Christianity and the will of people who had lived under the Iron Curtain for generations.

Two of those three are gone now, to be remembered among the great individuals of the 20th Century.  Lady Thatcher is still with us, and history will write her name among that list of Great People.

This brings to mind another video of Reagan from nearly half a century ago, so timely still today. 

Simply replace the words ‘Soviet Union’ and ‘communism’ with ‘Islam’ and you have a message that is as true today as it was a half century ago.  We still today have people in our own country who want us to surrender our way of life, and our very lives to those who want us submitted or dead.  President Bush is surely no Ronald Reagan, but he was the right man for the events that befell us.  I thank God for him, and for the men and women who are the direct descendants of those who fought and died to protect this nation from the Soviet Union, the Fascist regimes of Germany and Japan, all the way back to those who died throwing off the shackles of the King, bringing this great nation into the world.  We still today have true heroes, and they aren’t on the football field, the basketball court, nor the stages singing or acting.  They have chosen to put themselves in harm’s way so that our way of life, our very position as a shining light in the world will continue. 

President Reagan, Lady Thatcher, and all the men and women who protect every one of us, I salute you.


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